Paid parking and kiosks coming soon

OXFORD >> As soon as the kiosks arrive, motorists will have to pay for parking in the borough lot between Second and Third Streets. Under the new system there will be two kiosks where payment can be made for parking in that lot. A kiosk will also be placed on Broad Street for drivers using the lots between Broad and Hodgson, and between Broad and Niblock Alley.

“We have not received them yet. We’re working though getting all the permits squared away and the system set up,” Borough Manager Brian Hoover said.

One kiosk will be set up on the Second Street side of the lot, opposite the Oxford Public Library. The other will be within the lot at the end of the middle lane of parking spaces. Drivers using the lot will pay at the kiosk, entering their license plate number to identify their car.

Drivers will be alerted when the change to paid parking occurs. “We’ve had signage made and we’re planning on installing signage. We’re going to have “A” frame signage at the entrance saying parking lot is metered please use kiosks.”


In order to pay for parking, drivers will need to input their license plate as well as payment. “Everybody says ‘I don’t remember my license plate’ so take a picture,” Hoover suggests.

Formerly the property of BB&T Bank, the lot between Third and Second Streets has been a free parking spot for the community since it was owned by Peoples’ Bank of Oxford, and National Penn Bank following that. It was purchased for a nominal sum by the Borough last year, and is the proposed site for a three story borough parking garage.

The construction of a parking garage has been an ongoing plan that saw considerable discussion during last fall’s election.

“As we currently move thorough everything, I think everyone (on council) is well aware where we are with the parking garage. We’ve had meetings to bring them up to date,” Hoover said. “I think everybody recognizes that to pull back right now would cost the borough tremendously. We would loose all the grants we’ve got.”

Borough Council reorganized at their Tuesday, Jan. 2 meeting. Newly elected members Amanda Birdwell, Robert Ketcham and Phillip Hurtt (all democrats) took their seats in place of outgoing council members Randy Grace, Paul Matthews and Gary Tozzo. Incumbent Ron Hershey (who was nominated in both the Republican and Democrat parties) retained his place on council. The new Borough Mayor is democrat Lorraine Durnan Bell replacing multiple-term mayor Geoff Henry, who did not run for re-election as mayor.

Council selected Sue Lombardi as its president, with Peggy Ann Russell as vice-president.

Oxford Borough Council meets on the first, second and third Mondays of each month at 8 p.m. at the Borough Hall. The first meeting is devoted to committees, the second to committees and a work session, while the third meeting is a more formal business meeting agenda.