Scores earn ribbons at the Community Fair

Judges sample the goods at the baking competition at the Unionville Community Fair.
Judges sample the goods at the baking competition at the Unionville Community Fair. Photo by Caryl Huffaker

Another Unionville Community Fair has come and gone, this year with perfect weather at the Willowsdale Steeplechase grounds.

I was a judge in the baked goods competition, but there were many more categories appropriate for folks from pre-school to over the hill. Here is her take on the experience:

While entering a competition for baking a pie or cake might seem like a waste of time, there’s some good money to be made if you should win. The competition included four categories; apple pie, angel food cake, chocolate cake, and bar cookies and brownies. Small competitions can be run at the local fair with a prize of $25. Those who win will then go to Harrisburg for the state competition where they recreate their winning dish. The state winner in Harrisburg will win $500.

The local winners at the Union,ville Community Fair were Leona Provinski, Kathy Francis, Barbara Pollock, and Emma Yardley.


Leona Provinski won with a classic apple pie dish. Kathy Francis from West Chester won with a 3 layer mint chocolate chip angel food cake that was trimmed with flowers made from gum paste. This cake also won best in show in the baked goods category. Barbara Pollock from Lincoln University won with a classic chocolate cake with a delicious and rich chocolate flavor. Finally, Emma Yardley from Kennett Square won with a 2-layer brownie cookie with a nice combination of ingredients.

The number of competitive baking goods was a little higher this year. I only mention this because in one category the winner was only 1 point ahead of the second place dish. If you missed it this year, try again next year!

The latest show

“Funny Girl” at the Candlelight Theater is a rare treat. It was an inspired move when the Candlelight Dinner Theatre decided to offer the seldom seen Broadway play “Funny Girl” to their lineup. This is the true story of comedian Fanny Bryce, the brash singer who became the star of the Ziegfield Follies. As she was in her heyday during the First World War, many people are not familiar with her work. While Ziegfield Follies bragged about the beautiful, exquisite ladies he had in the show, poor Fanny was about as homely as a girl could be, but she was also unbelievably funny. It is a fast paced story about the young girl who loved the wrong man and eventually lost him. This star crossed pair were strongly portrayed by Victoria Healy as Fanny Brice with a strong, brash voice and the more charming Paul McElwee as Nick Arnstein. Barry Gomolka was very impressive in his role of Florenz Ziegfield.

The show has three songs that became very popular including “People who need People,” “You are Woman, I am Man” and “Don’t Rain on My Parade.” The cast had a bevy of very talented tap dancers who gave spirited exhibitors dressed in World War I uniforms.

The show is just about totally sold out, but if you want to try and buy a ticket in case of a cancellation call 1-302-475-2313. The show was amazingly put together, which explains the why there are no tickets left to be sold.

Caryl Huffaker received her bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College in Vermont. She did graduate work in Poetry at the University of Vermont and in theater at Columbia University in New York. Her book, “Inside the Hornet’s Nest” on North Carolina politics was used as a text book in the schools. She worked for five years at the DuPont Company writing product information booklets and technical bulletins.