Trash fees dropping in Kennett Square; residents will be able to choose toter size

FRAN MAYE - DIGITAL FIRST MEDIAKennett Square residents may soon have a tiered trash system.
FRAN MAYE - DIGITAL FIRST MEDIAKennett Square residents may soon have a tiered trash system.

KENNETT SQUARE >> Kennett Square residents soon will be able to save money on trash collection.

Council last week amend its ordinance to create a tiered-trash system that will give residents the opportunity to choose either a 96-gallon, a 65-gallon or a 35-gallon toter, and will create a discount program for senior citizens, and will also incorporate a senior financial hardship clause.

The program will cost the borough $15,000 as it will be ordering 200 of the 65-gallon toters and 150 of the 35-gallon toters.

Overall trash collection fees will drop slightly as the borough has added more users to the system.


“This program is a direct response to what our constituents wanted,” said Councilman Ethan Cramer.

Residents choosing the 96-gallon toter will pay $260 per year, or $65 quarterly. Those choosing the 65-gallon toter will pay $227 yearly or $56 quarterly and those choosing the 35-gallon toter will pay $194 annually or $48 quarterly.

Currently all residents have 96-gallon toters. Those who keep the 95-gallon toters will see a 3 percent decrease in trash fees in 2018; those who choose the 65-gallon toters will see a 15 percent decrease in fees, and those who choose the 35-gallon toters will realize a 27 percent decrease in trash fees next year.

The fees the borough sets is based on the cost of hauling divided among the number of pickups and the projected weight of refuse.

Dan Maffei, council president, said he is happy to see there is a provision for greater enforcement of the trash ordinance to discourage residents from overstuffing smaller toters.

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