Kennett seniors told to dream big, and make a difference

FRAN MAYE - DIGITAL FIRST MEDIAThe weather was perfect for commencement exercises at Kennett High School Friday night.
FRAN MAYE - DIGITAL FIRST MEDIAThe weather was perfect for commencement exercises at Kennett High School Friday night.

KENNETT SQUARE >> About 300 Kennett High School graduating seniors were told not to wait until mid-life to try to achieve happiness and the American Dream.

Our pursuit of happiness doesn’t have to wait until we 20, 30, or 50, said . Happiness can be achieved right now, said speaker Ben Skross. “The whole picture doesn’t have to be clear; we don’t have to know every aspect of our dream. We still have time to discover the full image, but if we put off chasing the notion of the dream until we are too old to enjoy it, we will end up wasting our lives waiting. “

Skross said every student has the power to make their dream happen.

“The road to achieving our dreams is hard work, but when it gets tough, think ‘If not you, who? If not now, when?’ All it takes is one small step, then another, then another. We don’t leap a mile. But, if we keep going, we’ll get there. “


Commencement exercises were held outside on the front steps of the school, under ideal conditions.

Class president Luke Beeson told his classmates to never forget Kennett Square, no matter where life takes them.

“Remember the friends you made, the things you learned, and the events that formed you, he said. “ There truly is no place like this on Earth, and we should all feel lucky and proud that we had the opportunity to live, learn, and grow here.”

Student speaker Zach Hrenko reminded classmates that they should continue to learn their entire lives.

“Throughout our education, we have studied facts and figures, names and places, rules and rules and rules,” he said. “We have lost years of sleep and killed hundreds of poor trees. But, the reason we choose to learn about these things is simple: humanity is awesome. It’s worth learning about. As we continue on in our lives, let us cherish the fact that we are all human; we are all charged with the same human spirit; and we all have the potential for greatness. “

Aliyah Asel told seniors to never forget their roots.

“The possibilities are endless, and many of us have no clue where we want to end up,” she said. “But, we’ll get there. And, while our paths may diverge, whether we choose to be artists or lawyers, entrepreneurs, or anything else, we will all remember what we’ve learned here: how to be leaders; how to be kind; how to make a difference. We are all prepared to revolutionize the world. Though we will never forget our roots in Kennett Square, now is the time to raise our voices and share all that we’ve learned here.”

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