Avon Grove Sun

Replacement of playground equipment makes it accessible to all |Aug 14, 2017

OXFORD >> It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood on Sunday as scores of residents and even volunteers from outside the area joined to install new playground equipment suited for children of all physical abilities in the borough’s Memorial Park.

Hosting sunflower and eclipse events for the public |Aug 13, 2017

POCOPSON >> For those who are wondering where the sunflowers are this year, the answer is at the Myrick Center along Route 842 in Pocopson. Brandywine Red Clay Alliance Executive Director Jim Jordan said they are coming a little early this year, but he wants to share the pleasure of viewing them with the public.

Environmental issues will extend repair time |Aug 12, 2017

AVONDALE >> The replacement of the State Street Bridge that collapsed into Indian Run on Thursday at noon will not be a quick fix, said Borough Council President Bill Shore. Among other things, the bridge sits right beside the borough sewer and water plants and has utility lines running alongside, which prompts caution and takes time to accommodate.

The nation awaits the Great American Solar Eclipse |Aug 10, 2017

WEST CHESTER >> The odds are good that on Aug. 21 most Americans are going to duck out of their workplaces and look up at the sky. That’s the date the moon will pass in front of the sun and create a total eclipse, which is being called “The Great American Eclipse.

Rock painting craze hits the borough and beyond |Aug 6, 2017

KENNETT SQUARE >> Usually, a rock is just a rock. But in Kennett Square and many other communities throughout the nation, those pesky little bumps in the road have taken on a new life: Children are decorating them, hiding them, sharing their images on Facebook and engaging in a social media game.

A night of fun and fellowship in West Grove |Aug 3, 2017

WEST GROVE >> National Night Out in West Grove on Tuesday was an evening of entertainment, food trucks and schmoozing with first responders.

Young director produces show with special needs cast |Jul 30, 2017

EAST MARLBOROUGH >> A recent Unionville High School graduate who has been enthralled with theater for most of her life, last week presented her second show with a cast of special needs individuals.

It’s ‘All Aboard’ at Ware Presbyterian Village |Jul 29, 2017

OXFORD >> A group of Ware Presbyterian Village men are reliving the joys of their youth in the community’s Model Railroad Club.

Vacation doesn’t stop kids’ learning at local libraries |Jul 29, 2017

WEST GROVE >> School may be out, learning doesn’t stop during the hot weather, especially for the kids who register for Glaxosmithkline’s “Science in the Summer” at their local library.

A tree falls in Oxford |Jul 27, 2017

OXFORD >> A huge branch from a 90-year-old tree fell on the roof of the mayor’s home, signaling the end of its long and appreciated life.

Area man loses 100 pounds and gets fit |Jul 17, 2017

LONDON GROVE >> Ian Harding grew up as an overweight child. He endured some levels of bullying when he was young and admitted that he never wanted to run unless he was being pushed to do so.

Weekend on wheels in Oxford and West Grove |Jul 9, 2017

OXFORD >> It didn’t matter to the kids at Oxford’s monthly First Friday stroll that the temperatures were hovering near 90. The most important thing to them was getting on their decorated bikes and pedalling down Third Street for the parade.

Arts alliance opens annex across the street |Jul 9, 2017

OXFORD >> It’s as if Oxford is having a love affair with the arts, and that love is being returned by the Oxford Arts Alliance with its mission to expand culture in the borough.

Oxford Feed and Lumber hosts flea and tick expert |Jul 3, 2017

OXFORD >> Oxford Feed and Lumber, a hardware store that is known for miles around as a friend of dogs, cats and horses, offered products and useful advice on the treatment of ticks and fleas on Saturday.

Bikers deliver 10 tons of goods to Oxford agency |Jul 3, 2017

OXFORD >> The storage rooms at Oxford Neighborhood Services got a big, fat boost on Saturday as members of the ABATE motorcycle group delivered 10 tons of food and household items there.

Celebrate the nation’s birth with fireworks |Jun 29, 2017

WEST NOTTINGHAM >> Visitors will get more than a great fireworks display when they go to Freedom Fest in Nottingham Park on Saturday night, July 1. The county commissions, along with the parks department, Herr Foods and D’Ambrosio Chevrolet are providing an evening of entertainment which will conclude with a half-hour fireworks program.

Bikers will deliver goods to Oxford on July 1 |Jun 18, 2017

Have you seen bikers spending their weekends standing in front of Walmart, Redner’s, Dollar Store in Oxford? Giant in Jennersville? Acme in Avondale or other stores?

Scores of runners beat Beethoven’s ‘5th’ |Jun 14, 2017

KENNETT SQUARE >> It was not necessary to keep in step with Beethoven’s “5th Symphony,” but the runners needed to go fast.

County will replace Avondale’s deficient bridge |Jun 9, 2017

AVONDALE >> The State Street Bridge, having been declared deficient for almost a decade, will finally be replaced by the county.

Charter graduates praise their close-knit experiences |Jun 9, 2017

LOWER OXFORD >> The student speakers at the years of Avon Grove Charter School graduations are fond of saying that attending here is like being part of a family. On last Wednesday evening, the kids who spoke on stage reiterated that feeling.

Regional police hit the streets on bikes |Jun 4, 2017

WEST GROVE >> When the Southern Chester County Regional Police held their public debut in April with an awards ceremony, Chief Gerald Simpson told the audience he hoped there would be a bicycle contingent in the future.

Avon Grove Parade was like a Norman Rockwell painting |May 27, 2017

WEST GROVE >> The Avon Grove Memorial Day Parade could easily have been the subject of a Norman Rockwell painting.

West Grove couple buys Hank’s Place |May 14, 2017

CHADDS FORD >> In years passed, Anthony Young would stop in at Hank’s Place for lunch so often that he became known as “Turkey Club Guy.”

Kids join the effort to support the garden |May 13, 2017

KENNETT SQUARE >> You could almost hear John Denver, Pete Seeger and Arlo singing “The Garden Song’s” — “Inch-by-inch, row-by-row” — as the little kids dashed through the ribbons and released the lady bugs in the 2017 Kennett Community Garden on Friday night.

Thousands fill the street at Mexican festival |May 7, 2017

KENNETT SQUARE >> On Sunday, State Street was filled with celebrants of the Mexican festival Cinco de Mayo — the date that commemorates the Mexican Army’s victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla, on May 5, 1862.

Scores of anglers will have fish for dinner |May 6, 2017

KENNETT SQUARE >> There were plenty of trout ready to bite in the park on Saturday morning, and the anglers were there to take advantage of the previous day’s stocking.

Physics whiz kids headed for Singapore championships |May 5, 2017

WEST FALLOWFIELD >> Two bright physics students from Octorara High School are headed to Singapore in July for what is known as the “Physics World Cup.” They will be competing against other high school physics champions from 31 other countries.

Bipartisan effort celebrated at Route 796 project |Apr 28, 2017

PENN >> As the speakers took to the microphone at the Route 796 ground breaking on Thursday, the words they used over and over were “bipartisan” and “group effort.”

Barnyard Bingo returns |Apr 25, 2017

LONDON GROVE >> Return to the farm this weekend.

A forgotten truth in our spiritual lives |Apr 24, 2017

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine whom we’ll call Tom offered to me a great truth that sadly too many of us, including me, tend to forget.

Earth Day in Franklin |Apr 22, 2017

FRANKLIN >> In many southern Chester County communities, Earth Day ranks right up there in importance with Christmas, birthdays and Halloween. This year, it was no exception.

Eggstravaganza entertains at West Grove church |Apr 15, 2017

WEST GROVE >> The West Grove United Methodist Church marked the spring season with an family event called “Eggstravaganza” on Sunday afternoon.

Chicks and bunnies star in Oxford |Apr 15, 2017

OXFORD >> With all the crowds in sight, it was as if a rock star had arrived on Market Street in the borough. But on that pleasant spring Saturday before Easter, it was Chick and Bunny Day with a visit by Mr.

Mixed opinions on Oxford parking garage plan |Apr 14, 2017

OXFORD >> Public reaction to a proposed parking garage in the borough was mixed at a town hall meeting on Tuesday night at Ware Presbyterian Village.

Police honored at New Garden ceremony |Apr 14, 2017

NEW GARDEN >> Thursday was a night for looking back and recognizing the good work of local police officers.

Food trucks are coming to AG |Apr 13, 2017

Don’t miss the food truck fest at Avon Grove High School on April 21 from 5 to 7:30 p.m. Last year it was a smashing success.

Federal budget cut hurts Meals on Wheels |Apr 9, 2017

There’s been some misinformation circulating, on the internet, that claims Meals on Wheels would cease to exist if Trump cuts its funding. According to Forbes that’s not true, however there’s more to the story.

First graders, down on the farm |Apr 8, 2017

OXFORD >> Many of the first graders at Elk Ridge Elementary School felt right at home in the Mobile Ag Ed Science Lab, having lived much of their young lives in the rural and farming culture of southern Chester County.

AG School District renews charter |Apr 8, 2017

LONDON GROVE >> The members of the Avon Grove School Board received a standing ovation following their unanimous vote to renew the charter school’s charter on Thursday.

AG Charter performs a superb ‘Rent’ |Apr 3, 2017

LONDON GROVE >> The actors and actresses among the students at Avon Grove Charter School took on a very grown up and difficult musical last week and nailed it.

Mimosas and Mendelssohn: What a swell party |Apr 3, 2017

KENNETT >> The Kennett Symphony of Chester County, coming off a sold-out family concert in a new venue last month and looking toward another sell out on Sunday, ventured even further into innovation on Saturday by performing its concert in the round at the Mendenhall Inn’s Grand Ballroom.

Brandywine Hills Point to Point delights with races, food and activities |Apr 2, 2017

POCOPSON >> The milestone 75th running of the Brandywine Hills Point to Point races went off Sunday, April 2, with fun family activities and exciting racing action.

Spencer honored as SCCCC ‘Outstanding Citizen’ |Mar 25, 2017

EAST MARLBOROUGH >> There were a lot of hugs at the chamber dinner on Friday at Longwood Gardens, and most of them were bestowed upon Outstanding Citizen Leon Spencer.

Oxford competing for ‘America’s Main Street’ |Mar 25, 2017

OXFORD >> Chester County’s southernmost town is in a contest to be “America’s Main Street,” and the outcome is determined by the number of votes it gets online.

A sad day in the barbershop |Mar 23, 2017

KENNETT SQUARE >> For Burton’s Barbershop owner-proprietor Bob Burton, the death of baseball great Dallas Green on Wednesday amounted to the loss of a good friend.

Kennett area authors hope their book will inspire partnerships |Mar 22, 2017

KENNETT SQUARE >> The authors of a new book about social services in the borough are hoping that the message takes on a life of its own.

Parents urged to attend AG district board meeting |Mar 21, 2017

LONDON GROVE >> Concerned about the looming deadlines for recertification and perceived delaying tactics by the Avon Grove School Board, parents and friends of the Avon Grove Charter School met in the school’s auditorium on Monday to sort out rumors and challenges.

Andy’s Dragon and Meehan’s Moose |Mar 21, 2017

If you haven’t heard, there is a meeting open to the public at Avon Grove High School on March 28 at 7 p.m. to discuss the subject of gerrymandering. Lawrence Husick of Fair Districts PA will explain it and why it leads to political divide.

Symphony orchestra awakens music appreciation in children |Mar 15, 2017

WEST CHESTER >> Kennett Symphony of Chester County Director Michael Hall demonstrated on Sunday that even the youngest children can learn to appreciate good classical music.

Trumpcare probably not a good idea |Mar 12, 2017

The Republicans have finally announced what their proposed healthcare plan is. They call it the AHCA — The American Health Care Act. Most folks are calling it Trumpcare. The Trump Administration hopes to use this two-bill legislative package to repeal and replace Obamacare aka the ACA -The Affordable Care Act.